Including PTSD in workers' compensation benefits.


Javier A. Finlay

5/15/20221 min read

man in blue white and red plaid button up shirt wearing yellow hard hat holding black
man in blue white and red plaid button up shirt wearing yellow hard hat holding black

When it comes to receiving workers’ compensation benefits and what is and what is not covered, the rules are extremely strict. There are many people whose claims are rejected the first time around. If that happens, many people appeal the rejected claim and are eventually successful at receiving benefits.

One of the conditions that seems to be up for debate is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can occur due to many different experiences and which can be very difficult to treat. PTSD is nonetheless a very real condition and the person who is suffering deserves to get the support that they need to make their life better.

Who suffers from PTSD?

PTSD is common in people in the military (people who have either been in the military or who are currently still in the military) and first responders. It is not uncommon for a person to experience PTSD after having been involved in a shooting of some kind of violent event.

If a person suffers from PTSD, they are plagued by many emotions. The person often becomes volatile in certain situations that may trigger explosive behavior.

Solid advice from a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer

If you are suffering from PTSD because of a work-related situation and have not been able to receive SSD benefits for your condition, the advice of an experienced Miami workers’ compensation lawyer may be invaluable to your case. The lawyer can walk you through the process and make sure that you understand your rights for a hopefully positive outcome.