Pedestrian Dangers in Florida.

10/15/20222 min read

people walking in sidewalk
people walking in sidewalk

The roads in Miami and throughout Florida can be deadly, especially for those who are not protected by a vehicle of their own. Namely, that includes pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Given the way people are driving with reckless abandon and flouting the law and fundamentals for safety, it is no surprise that accidents with injuries and death are on the uptick. To try and improve safety, the Florida Highway Patrol is emphasizing pedestrians and keeping them safe in a new campaign.

Pedestrian fatality statistics are worrisome.

In 2021, Florida had more than 9,550 auto-pedestrian accidents. This was 17% higher than there were in 2020. In addition, 847 people lost their lives in a pedestrian crash. This too was 17% higher than the prior year. The increase spurred action from law enforcement with reminders on how to remain safe and take reasonable precautions.

Among the reminders were making sure to walk on sidewalks, wear clothing that makes them clearly visible and to be attentive. For drivers, yielding to pedestrians when they have the right of way was imperative. Despite these entreaties, there are other problems that pedestrians may be confronted with when they are taking to the road. Among them are distracted driving, speeding, drivers who are under the influence and drowsy drivers.

Pedestrians hurt in auto accidents must remember their rights.

Although greater vigilance can help reduce the number of auto accidents and some drivers will heed law enforcement warnings as to how much damage they can do when they crash into a pedestrian, others will not. This is especially true in busy areas of the Sunshine State like in Miami where accidents can happen without warning.

A person who is simply heading to work could find themselves hospitalized with catastrophic injuries, enormous medical bills and an uncertainty as to when or if they will be able to get back on the job and earn an income. This can negatively impact them and their family.

It is important to remember that there are options to recover compensation. It is also wise to know that insurance companies offer settlements that are in their own interests in keeping costs down and this might not cover for all expenses and loss. After a crash, calling experienced professionals who understand all areas of auto accidents – particularly those involving pedestrians – is useful to know what to do.