FLHSMV releases last year’s crash numbers and a new ad campaign.


Javier A. Finlay

6/15/20211 min read

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has released last year’s motor vehicle accident numbers. And, with those numbers, the FLHSMV launched a new program to remind everyone to slow down this summer, the Safe Summer Travel campaign.

The car accident numbers

During the summer months last year (June and July), there were nearly 54,000 crashes. These crashes resulted in 526 deaths and almost 2,500 serious injuries. In addition, in just those months alone, 337 drivers were speeding, an over 13 percent increase from last year. According to the FLHSMV, these increased speeds is likely the reason for the increase in motor vehicle accidents and fatalities.

Safe Summer Travel campaign

As a result of this increase in crashes, fatalities and reckless driving, FLHSMV has launched their Safe Summer Travel campaign. The campaign’s main focus is speeding and aggressive driving. However, it is also focused on pedestrian safety, DUI and crash prevention, among many others. The initiative is especially important during the summer months when the state is flooded with tourists looking to experience our state’s beautiful beaches, theme parks, culture and food. And, of course, Miami, is a hot spot.

What if the summer is not so safe?

Unfortunately, living in a tourist mecca, like Miami, Florida, has its blessings and curses. We get to live in one of the best places in the world, with access to some of the best beaches, night life and food. But, in turn, we also have extremely congested streets with tourists and locals alike. This means, car accidents are just a fact of life. Though, if one is in a car accident, call a Miami, Florida, attorney immediately. The attorney will walk the accident victim and their families through the process of getting their just compensation.