Driver negligence is a compensable cause of motorcycle accidents.


Javier A. Finlay

11/22/20211 min read

cars on road during night time
cars on road during night time

Motorcycles are popular modes of transportation throughout Florida. They are a great way to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather that the state has to offer. Many motorcycle riders take their operating duties seriously and practice safe driving when on their two-wheeled vehicles.

Unfortunately, not all other drivers use their best operating practices when behind the wheels of their automobiles. When drivers of larger vehicles allow distractions to cloud their attention, they can quickly become dangerous to motorcycles and their riders. This post will discuss some of the negligent driving behaviors that drivers can engage in that can harm motorcyclists.


One of the biggest mistakes that drivers make is to allow distractions to impact their driving. A distracted driver may not see a motorcycle riding next to them or may fail to check their blind spot for a smaller vehicle. Distracted drivers can miss intersection signage and can crash into motorcycles making legal turns and intersection maneuvers.

Traffic and roadway infractions

Some drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, and their missteps can put others, including motorcyclists, in the path of harm. For example, drivers who fail to signal and who do not stop at stop signs may drive into the way of motorcyclists. Speeding drivers can lose control and not have sufficient time to stop when encountering other vehicles, including motorcyclists. Breaking local and state driving laws can cause drivers to create dangerous situations for motorcyclists.

Failure to adapt to conditions

Florida can get a lot of rain and other hazardous forms of weather. When conditions are treacherous, drivers may have to adapt their speeds and operating practices to stay safe in wet or windy weather. Drivers who do not make these accommodations can be dangers to themselves and others when on the roads.

Motorcycles and their riders are small. They can easily become lost on the roads. When drivers do not do their best behind the wheel, they can quickly create dangerous for others. Motorcyclists who have been hurt in negligence-based accidents may have legal rights to seek compensation for their losses.