Do you have a valid medical malpractice claim?


Javier A. Finlay

5/22/20221 min read

doctor having operation
doctor having operation

Florida, as one of the most populous states in the country, sees thousands of medical treatments completed each day. Obviously, each patient hopes that the treatment they receive is top-notch. But, unfortunately, medical malpractice is more common than most people probably think. How can you tell if you might have a valid medical malpractice claim?

Standard of care

In many cases, the determination of whether medical malpractice occurred hinges primarily on one question: Did the healthcare professional deviate from the applicable standard of care for the treatment in question? Of course, boiling a case down to one seemingly straightforward question doesn’t make these types of cases simple. Medical malpractice cases can be notoriously difficult to prove.

To determine if you might have a valid medical malpractice claim or not, you will usually need to have a seasoned litigator evaluate the circumstances of your own unique case.

There are many factors at play in medical malpractice cases, including whether a doctor-patient relationship actually existed, whether the alleged malpractice is actually what caused the harm in question and whether there are actual damages to pursue, among other factors.

At our law firm, we work with Florida residents who believe that the care they have received from a medical professional was, in fact, malpractice. You may, at first, believe that there was just a bad outcome to the treatment. But, the situation may actually escalate to malpractice. For more information, please visit the medical malpractice overview section of our law firm’s website.