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Dedicated Massachusetts Law Firm Handles Divorce and Adoption

Reliable Taunton attorney guides clients through family law challenges

At Robert Finlay, Attorney at Law, we are a community-oriented law firm whose goal is to support people throughout Massachusetts as they work to start the next chapter of their lives, whether that involves moving on from a marriage or welcoming a new member into the family. Located in Taunton, our firm provides comprehensive legal support throughout each case we take on. An experienced advocate for spouses and parents, attorney Robert Finlay works personally with each client he represents and offers targeted advice and counsel dedicated to each client’s best interests.

Knowledgeable Massachusetts lawyer represents divorcing spouses

In guiding you through divorce, we strive to achieve amicable agreements whenever possible, but we advocate assertively on your behalf when conflicts become contentious. Attorney Robert Finlay can advise you on:

  • Grounds for divorce — If you hope to divorce without formally accusing your spouse of wrongdoing, you can file for a no-fault divorce on the basis of the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. Massachusetts also allows individuals to file for a fault-based divorce by alleging grounds such as adultery, desertion, and cruel and abusive treatment.
  • Alimony and division of marital property — Massachusetts courts consider the same factors when determining how marital assets and debts are equitably split between spouses and the amount and duration of alimony that each spouse may receive. The marriage length and the conduct, income, age and health of each spouse are among the factors a judge can use to come up with fair arrangements.
  • Child support — Child support payments are calculated based on each parent’s income, benefits and expenses, and on the financial needs of children. Consideration may also be given to the unique circumstances a family faces.
  • Child custody and visitation — Parents may have sole or joint physical or legal custody in Massachusetts, although joint legal custody is preferred in family court. Physical custody determines how much time a child spends living with each parent, and legal custody determines each parent’s rights to make decisions about the child’s healthcare, education, religion and other aspects of daily life. A child’s well-being is the first priority used to decide child custody and parenting time (visitation) arrangements.

Providing an accurate and thorough depiction of your and your spouse’s financial abilities and the circumstances of your marriage is crucial to achieving favorable outcomes. We carefully examine the relevant evidence and conduct any necessary investigation to present strong cases for the custody order that protects your children and your parental bond.

Hardworking lawyer helps individuals and couples with adoption

Adopting a child is exciting and life-changing, but it also involves a multi-step legal process that can prove frustrating. Having a qualified lawyer to guide you through the process can make it smoother and more efficient. We help new parents complete and file required documents with the state of Massachusetts, from the Petition for Adoption to any marriage or divorce records and forms dealing with home studies and rights of the biological parents. We provide diligent and caring support that keeps your family’s best interests in mind.

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