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What are the typical injuries for restaurant employees?

Restaurants are usually a high-activity, crowded and stressful work environment. Hot stoves, sharp objects and slippery floors are among the conditions that lead to work-related injuries.

Common injuries

 The moist common injuries for restaurant workers, which could underlie claims for workers’ compensation, include:

 Wounds from cuts, punctures and scrapes.

  • Hot surface or oil burns.
  • Muscle strains caused by slips and falls, repetitive motions, standing in the same area for long time periods and lifting heavy objects.

Slips and strains are the greatest restaurant injury risk and caused the most missed days of work. Employees who fell and injured several body parts or strained wrists or hands while carrying objects were among the workers who were likely to miss the most work.

Wrist and hand injuries caused the most time missed. These injured employees averaged 265 daily absences. Missed days from burn injuries, however, are not far behind.

Slips and falls

Employers can take many steps to prevent restaurant injuries. First, keeping floors clean is a simple method to reduce injuries. Management should schedule walk throughs to assure that spills are cleaned up and housekeeping tasks are completed.

Also, floors should be deep cleaned occasionally to keep them sufficiently degreased. Anti-slip flooring in kitchen and food preparation areas may reduce slips and falls. Installation and upkeep of non-slip rubber mats or rugs near sinks, preparation and beverage doorways and other high-risk areas may prevent accidents. Non-slip shoes for restaurant workers are also an important precaution.

Restaurant workers are also prone to tripping accidents because it is difficult to see clutter while carrying food and drink trays in high traffic areas. Restaurants should tuck away cords, hoses, boxes, buckets, trash, tray stands, chairs and other obstacles.


To prevent burns, workers should wear the proper attire. Splatter shields or gauntlets are needed when frying and oven mitts need to be used when handling hot pots and pans. Workers must avoid carrying large food stockpots. Fryer oils have to be changed frequently.


Workers engaged in repetitive tasks for long time periods can strain muscles and suffer fatigue and soreness. Restaurants should spread out food chopping and other repetitive tasks throughout the day and permit workers to take frequent breaks for these duties. Ergonomic workstations and stretching muscles can prevent discomfort.

 Employees must also learn proper methods for lifting and carrying bulky and heavy items. Two people should lift any object over 50 pounds. Hand trucks and dollies are needed for very heavy objects.

Restaurant workers can suffer serious injuries. Attorneys can assist them with pursuing their workers’ compensation claims.

Recent videos show car accident that killed 5 people

Videos were recently released of an accident involving a car going the wrong way on the Palmetto Expressway in Miami. The accident occurred in late August and resulted in the deaths of five young people.

After getting onto the expressway, the driver of an Infiniti sped past several vehicles going in the opposite direction before colliding directly with another car. The driver’s car then flew over several lanes before smashing into a guardrail.

Speed and alcohol were factors in the crash

All five drivers in the car that was hit were killed. It is estimated that the Infiniti driver was driving approximately 80 mph at the time of the accident. He was also driving while drunk.

The Infiniti driver is facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter — one for each victim — and a charge of DUI manslaughter. His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.152%, which is well over Florida’s legal limit.

Car accidents caused by negligent drivers injure and take the lives of many Florida residents each year. Most car accidents are caused by some form of negligence.

What is negligence?

All drivers have a legal duty to drive safely and reasonably. When a driver does not drive safely and reasonably, and they cause an accident, they are negligent.

If you are injured in a car accident, you might face many problems. You may have serious injuries that cause you to miss work or even lose your job. You may receive medical bills for amounts that you are unable to pay.

Not all car accident injuries are physical. Many victims suffer years of mental and emotional stress, reliving the frightening moments of the accident.

Your options after an accident

Through a personal injury claim, you could receive compensation for both your physical and mental damages after a car accident. Proving negligence in court is a challenge, and the court looks at many different factors.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you file a claim and fight for compensation.